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Experience a pure lust for life like you never have before. The most pleasurable sensations are brought to life as the weight of the world is lifted off your shoulders.

Prepare to love, breathe and dance with a smile for hours with that unforgettable feeling that can only be described as BLiSS.

Limited stock, enjoy it while it lasts!


Waves of love and energy, extreme euphoria, greatly enhanced touch and bodily sensations, increased empathy and appreciation for the joy of life.


The effects are enhanced when experienced with a positive mood, good music and a comfortable environment.


½ capsule
1 capsule
1½ capsules


Onset: 40 - 60 minutes
Peak: 2 - 5 hours
Duration: 5 - 8 hours


5-MAPB (90 mg per capsule)


Not intended for human consumption. Please use caution: it is strongly advised to avoid mixing substances, as it may have a negative or possible harmful effect on the experience. Not recommended for use under 18. If pregnant, nursing or taking a prescription drug, consult your health care professional. Do not exceed recommended dose. Consumption may impair ability to drive or operate heavy equipment. Not recommended for consumption with alcoholic beverages. Do not take together with antidepressant medication. Do not use when you have a history of psychosis. Health Disclaimer
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Austria , Germany , Norway , Sweden , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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Tripped my frikken nut sack off !!!! PROPER PRODUCT RIGHT HERE !!! What ya waiting for, GO ORDER YOURS NOW !!!!!!!!


I can't even begin to describe how good you feel with this one. Lasts longer than original and next to no hangover if you drink enough water and don't take too much of it. Had a wonderful night xD

yowww… Bliss is tha bomb! don't be a fool an take 2 these blue bastards are stiff my mate almost painted the cab with pizza %-$
thanks guys these tabs are bloody awesome


Unbelievably good cleaner! Literally couldn't tell the difference between this and a real pill!

Kicked in after only 20 mins and full on effects lasted for hours!
Clenched teeth, jittery eye sight and full on rushes!!

Amazing evening and even better sex with girlfriend on this! Wowzers!!

V highly recommended! 😁

that is I think definitely the best product in this section. Works quite well, pretty close to MD. 1 pill quite strong. I usually take one then half a few hours later. Quite long to kick in ( around 1 hour), then you're good for 4-6hours with one pill. No so energetic, but definitely very very empathetic. great sex too.


First half : Good feeling, full of energy, but a little tense and hard to stay focused.
Second half : Strong clenching, even more energetic feeling.
No comedown and/or aftereffect the next day

Well, we're talking about an exceptional and very clean product here. I have been a hard working, hard partying guy for a long time. This is one of the best cleaners of the "chi" I've ever come across. Highly recommend.


By far my favorite bong cleaner. My wife and I feel as if our relationship has started all over again. Definitely beneficial for couples. Ordering more tomorrow!!!!

Fast shipping, good service, and amazing product! Had a blast with Bliss. Bit on the pricey side but it was definitely worth it for me.


This is absolut the Best x in the World....... But i Think they miss a bongbastic mark!!!! That Wood be so cool <3

WOW, even better than MD. You swallow it, drink some water, and you don't feel the bitter taste of MD that makes you want to throw up, at all. Swallow one pill and wait for about half an hour to forty minutes (depends on your metabolism), then booom! Be patient and consume the second pill only when you feel you have to. Even one pill lasts long. We took it at 10pm and it lasted until 6am. This pill makes you really happy!


Before 4egs and ham - then I took 1/2 pill.
After a half hour - light kick (energy,good mood,music sounds good)

After one hour - kick #2 (energy++ ; music is very good ; still i can to concentrate :) ; i like s e x :)

After 2 hours - still good mood , active and happy ; training :)

After 3 hours - first food (banana with cream) ; music is fine

During all day - good mood and social +

Next time i TOOK 1 PILL and post review !

Nice one - alot of energy and for a long time. gonna buy more
1 pill is enough for medium to big person.


Finally! Praise the lord ! welcome back , thanks Shayana
Very sad to say but this product has saved our relationship ;-)

this thing is really good. for the first times, just take a half. however, if you take the whole pill, be prepared for some wild hours ahead!!!


J'ai eu gouté Bliss et c'est un très bon produit que je recommande vivement! Moi et mes potes avons kiffé!!! Je dirai même que Bliss est mieux qu'une pilule de md.

I really loved this cleaner! Ordered it the second time four months ago and now i will order it again, so i xan roll with it in the new year!


Produits excellent, 2 pilules et ma compagne et moi rêvions l amour à 100%,au top au lit un de meilleur produit de la gamme un peu cher mais 48h de bonheur en prendre 2 de un coup, si vous voulez être zen. Commande de.2 pilule et reçu 4, ça permet de durer 48h. Tranquillement merci shana

great product, comes quite close to the original, won't hit you too hard also no hard come down. lasts about 4-6 hrs feeling fit on the next day. had it several times now, try it as long as you can!


What a great bong cleaner! My friends and i tried this. None of us have ever had felt such a great feeling for a bong cleaner. Only took one each and we were dancing, jumping and hugging all night.
Apart from a great afterglow there wasn't a big comedown afterwards.

Last Batch with the 4 Pills, of which one equals 1/2 of the 2 Pills Batch, was not so good imho. I hope the new Batch will be better again. Still the best Product on this site :-)


super produit pour tenir toute la nuit la mâchoire qui serre légèrement mais sans plus je recommande

pure energy, no euphoria, good for party, must have a gum pack, im 29 year old , weight 95, 1 pill did the job for 4-5 hours. great stuff!, dont try a half its waste of product!


Mild visual but tons of energy !!! felt in my bong for 2 days, but considerably weaker on the second day. Full on rush i never experienced in others pills, Molly is truly unique, recommend take only half a pill for first timer, peace .

Yeeeeeaaaarrrr der absulute Ober Burner👍 mehr geht nich das sind richtig geile teile seit Jahren nich so was geiles mehr gehhabt !!!!! Weiter so Shajana ihr seit die besten! Wäre schön wenn ihr mal nen mengen rabatt anbietet


Its a very nice product. Even with 1/2 an inexperienced user will clean his bong like a pro! For more constat users 1 pill will do the job, it is not necessary to exceed this limit. It is much better than the regular md, a clear sense of what it is suppose to be. You can feel it! :) Thanks Shayana.

Such a amazing product i have ever used. fast eyes, very focus, quickly, fresh
make it count !!


Uuuum... what was I just going to saaaay? Uuuum...

Oh well, I got it:


1/4 unit on empty bong is the upper edge I´d say. Using more is just a waste of resources in all respects.

Usually I don’t write reviews, but this product is just amazing! Tried BB Bliss with some friends, and it was so much like ‘real’ molly they couldn’t believe it was a legal product!

*Best new party product out there.*


Got Bliss via 24h holidays special (thanks guys).
This took me on a healing cruise of deep platonic love and contemplation.

Un bon substitue à la MD !
Attention ne pas faire comme moi et prends tout le sachet en 1 jour, j'ai fais un syndrome sérotonergique, limitez vous à ce qu'il faut. Dosez pas à l'oeil, c'est stupide.

J'ai adoré par contre ! J'en reprendrais bien plus tard avec ma copine.

La montée est cool mais comme la vraie vous allez avoir une pulsion d'en reprendre sur le coup, le faites pas, faites en parachute !

L'effet est génial et à la fin il y a un truc trop bien par rapport à la vraie, c'est que vous avez une sorte "d'afterglow" qui plus est vous n'avez pas de "gueule de bois".

Prenez ça au lieu de la vraie, aussi bien pour votre santé que le porte monnaie !


Commande arrivé au top j+4 l’effet est comme la MD mais la mâchoire se serre à chaque instant. Ce qui est cool c’est qu’il n’y a pas de descente malgré les 2 prises espacer que j’ai faite. Effet musique assuré.

I received a package in three days. Yesterday at 20:00 I decided to take two pills at once, because I had a lot of experience with molly. After 40 minutes there was nothing, after 50 minutes I was already upset. and exactly an hour later, very rarely I experienced bliss! it was so cool it was better than mda or ecstasy. I didn't notice the difference. Everything was fantastic. I danced all night to cool music. I highly recommend taking this product. You will not regret it . It's worth it !! you should try it 👍. don't forget to cook gum and water 🔥


I was looking for something like this for yeaars. Wonderful experience with my boyfriend, pure happiness, relaxation, more intense everything that you usually dont appreciatte in the everydays. Music, taste, air, touch
Need someome though to show the limits, i wanted to drive off after curfew to listen to my cars high end sound system
Kicks in slow, but worth the wait

This is my favorite, no after effects, super fresh in the morning, tried everything but keep coming back to this one.


Super produit, super site bref allez y les yeux fermés si vous etes habitué a aimer les bonnes choses !! Parfait

Over 10 years of ordering from Shayana and this is my new favorite!! :)))) Keep the good vibes coming, the world can definitely use it right now!


After half an hour you'll feel it starting to tingle and after an hour you're guaranteed to peak for 4 hours. no hangover next day!

Bliss formerly known as Mollium, we are so happy that it can be ordered again, please indicate and send reminder early if it is out of stock ...


What a night! Into the next morning with a smile. Shayana we've had such a fantastic night, thank you! hope that many will follow

Very good product, amazing for sex (with a little help for my friend^^) but two things to avoid
-First : the vomiting reflex after a while (fortunatly not a drop out but woof) Drink a lot
-Second Have a clock in sight or you could loose your time speaking about how good it is which was great too but less than what we did before ;) A great cleaner, couple friendly!


Une petite pills bien sympathique, nettoie super bien, Ça doit vraiment bien en groupe. Je recommande ce produit à qui veut avoir les effets proche de mr Md
Merci shayna !

Extremely fast shipping! Great product and surprisingly intense. Not as good as original in terms of euphoria and from the shayana catalogue I personally prefer Xenon (4FMP ) which gives you a more euphoric and empathy filled experience. The main selling point for this one for me is that 1 pill will last you ALL night. It wares off very slowly and comfortably leaving you feeling fine the next day. Perhaps a little tired due to lack of sleep but that's all.


One pill has 400µg of this stuff. Fucking awesome but extreme long periode and a bad headache afterwards. Better crack one pill down to a half. Is better.

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